Updated: 22 April 2021

For a complete CV see my personal profile at Leipzig University.

Working as a postdoctoral fellow at Leipzig University’s Collaborative Research Centre 1199, I have published articles on various and intersectional topics of American studies, including postmodern and naturalist literature, spatial imaginations, border studies, as well as film and horror studies. Recently, the monograph The West and the Word: Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse (2020) was published with de Gruyter.

My research interests include

  • Imaginations and representations of spatio-cultural (meta)narratives
  • The narrative nexus of space, mobility, agency, and otherness
  • Trans-hemispheric and trans-oceanic (re)visions of fin de siècle imperialism
  • (Sub)cultural and millennialist apocalypticism

A complete list of publications can be found here.