Updated: 2 September 2020

For a complete CV see my personal profile at Leipzig University.

Working as a postdoctoral fellow at Leipzig University’s Collaborative Research Centre 1199, I am currently in the process of publishing my doctoral thesis with the title “The West and the Word: Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse.”

In 2016, I received my master’s degree from the Institute for American Studies at Leipzig University with a paper about “American Spaces: Renegotiations of Cultural Geographies and Counter-Drafts to Spatial Master Narratives of the American West in Jack London’s Short Stories.”

My research interests include

  • Imaginations and representations of spatio-cultural (meta)narratives
  • The narrative nexus of space, mobility, agency, and otherness
  • Trans-hemispheric and trans-oceanic (re)visions of fin de siècle imperialism
  • (Sub)cultural and millennialist apocalypticism

A complete list of publications can be found here.