What a great day in Tulsa with Maša and Carl and what an epic way to lose my jet lag, including (but not limited to) cruising around town in a cream-colored 1983 Mercedes on Route 66, eating insanely good BBQ, drinking lots of beer, playing arcade games almost for free, and listening to the local youth picking the Oklahoman banjo. I kid thee not, this has got to be one of the coolest ways to arrive anywhere! On a different note, I will probably puke during my presentation tomorrow in front of a hundred people.

Definitely worth it.

By the way, Carl should really work as a tour guide, I learned so much about the city, the state, and the Midwest, it’s amazing. Short version: it has a lot to do with oil, dust, and tears. Oh, and there were also some tornadoes and grass fires today.

Stay safe,