It's Nice to Be in Orbit

Discovery became the third operational orbiter to enter service, preceded by Columbia and Challenger. It embarked on its last mission, STS-133, on February 24, 2011 and touched down for the final time at Kennedy Space Center on March 9, having spent a cumulative total of almost a full year in space. Discovery performed both research and International Space Station (ISS) assembly missions, and also carried the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit. Read More


Boston, Massachusetts

When I lay down and none can wake me. When I’m between the covers. I hear that song, transporting me to places unknown. Translating me to words unspoken. It’s easier to be here, in the in-between. A blank sheet snuck in an unreadable tome. Unfound. Ever bound for the false, in love with the error, and thoroughly a-historical. No one to riot, I am my own private revolution, every day. I would kill for a cup of tea in the land of cotton. Quitting is not a job, it’s a passion. This is the intermediate realm of passion, half awake, half dead. I open my eyes to gaze inside, to see the thing that brought me here. A monument of... Read More